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February 2014

Thank You for Supporting TIO in 2013!

A very select group of interfaith-friendly readers paid the bills that kept TIO afloat last year with contributions of over $11,000. TIO’s angels include…

Nahid Angha, Vanessa Brake, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Jan and Paul Chaffee, Mary Chaffee, Robert Dittler, Don Frew, Charles Gibbs, Bettina Gray, Bud Heckman, C.S. Jarrett, David Keller, June Kirk, Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Bill and Jean Lesher, Kay Lindahl, Sharon Luther, Kathleen Lyons, Leslie Mezei, Deborah Moldow, Eboo Patel, Shyamala Raman, Jonathan Rose, Zabrina Santiago, Meji Singh, Michael and Elizabeth Steinfield, Bob Walter, Rachel Watcher, and Jim and Betsy Wiggins

If you were a donor and didn’t see your name, please contact info@theinterfaithobserver.org and let us know.

As you probably know, the writers and editors of TIO contribute for the love of it, making all of this possible.

Put you name on the 2014 list right now by contributing here! Thank you!!


January 2014

Growing Number of Givers

The number of angels among us whose contributions keep TIO afloat increased again last month. Very special thanks goes out to Sharon Luther, Katherine Lyons, Vanessa Brake, Zabrina Santiago, Michael Steinfeld, Shyamala Raman, C.S. Jarrett, June Kirk, and to the Afterlife Education Foundation and CIStems, Inc.

If you haven’t joined this elite group yet, please do, by going here!


December 2013

By the numbers, if every TIO subscriber contributed $5 a year, TIO would be flush, able to keep our attention on interfaith culture. Since that won’t happen (nor will it ever be required), we depend on those of us who can give a bit more than $5.

A letter went out last week asking for such gifts. To those that respond – Thank you! You’ll be acknowledged here next month. Please know that your gift makes these stories available to many who are nourished and educated by them, but unable to contribute.  


November 2013

More Donors Join the TIO Honor Role! Thank You!!!

Once again thanks goes out to those of you committed to keeping TIO ‘afloat.’ Specifically, thank you Bettina Gray, Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, Don Frew and Anna Korn, Eboo Patel, Paul McKenna, Charles Gibbs, and Nahid Angha.

The donation from Bettina Gray is given in memory of interfaith pioneer Charles “Chuck” White, who died last month. You’ll find a beautiful remembrance of Chuck by Bettina in this issue.

And for all of you who ‘plan’ to make a donation to TIO for interfaith communication – this would be a perfect time! Just click on the link below. Or write a check to The Interfaith Peace Project with TIO on the memo line, and mail it to 2107 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94109And thank you!



October 2013

Thank You TIO Donors!

A special Thank You! goes out to donors who responded to the invitation to help “keep TIO afloat” last month. A shoutout goes to Jonathan Rose, Jean Lesher, Bud Heckman, Jim and Betsy Wiggins, Kay Lindahl, David Keller, Mary Chaffee, Rachael Watcher, Leslie Mezei, Deborah Moldow, and Jan and Paul Chaffee. Altogether they contributed $1,710.

Also, appreciation goes to Don and Anna Frew, Gard Jameson, and Bernard Auchter, who have been generous to TIO in the recent past.

If you care about interfaith culture and all its nuances and are committed to making our complex environment a place of peace and vitality, please support TIO by clicking below and making a gift. Thank you!



September 2013

TIO-In-Canada Editor, Leslie Mezei, Stepping Down

Leslie Mezei has been providing TIO with “TIO in Canada” for the past year, making this publication much more North American than it would be otherwise. He and Terry Weller, his predecessor at TIO, have been yeomen in the work of interfaith communications in Canada.

For health reasons, unhappily, Leslie will be stepping down from that responsibility with this issue. We thank him for his fine work and look forward to continuing contributions from him in the future.

If you or someone you know might be interested in writing regularly about interfaith in Canada, please send a note to info@theinterfaithobserver.org. Thank you!

Creating Two New Special Editions of TIO

TIO has been growing leaps and bounds by entering into partnership to create “Special Editions” of TIO which combine a group’s local news with TIO’s monthly content. With this growth, TIO now has 6,200 readers subscribed.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada is now receiving a Special Edition of TIO called Southern Nevada’s Interfaith Connect. On a quarterly basis it will combine TIO’s content with Nevada news; otherwise, Southern Nevada readers will receive the regular TIO. 

Religions for Peace USA has also asked for a Special Edition of TIO for its constituency. RFPUSA has a new editor, their associate director. Aaron Stauffer will edit the Religions for Peace Connect, combining RFP stories each month with their issue of TIO.

Links will be provided so you can visit these special editions and read articles from Southern Nevada and RFPUSA.

Welcome Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and Religions for Peace USA to the TIO team!


May 2013

TIO Correspondent Honored

Ruth Broyde Sharone at Morehouse CollegeTIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone, long-time peacebuilder and interfaith activist, was recently inducted into the Martin Luther King Board of Advisors of Morehouse College in Atlanta, the school where Dr. King both studied and taught. Also, Ruth’s recent book, Minefields & Miracles: God and Allah Need to Talk, just won top prize in the category of “religious non-fiction” from the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards.

Congratulations, Ruth!


TIO Joins Religion News Service

This month TIO became a member of Religion News Service, the premier religious news source in the U.S. RNS’ mission “is to provide in-depth, non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ideas.”

How does it work?

  • RNS advances its mission through its website and by partnering with regional hubs and a diverse group of subscribers who distribute our work.

  • RNS strives to meet the highest standards of public service journalism. Through our work, we report, write, compile, record and post news, features, photos and video.

  • Our goal is to promote civic engagement and discourse on religion.

Membership gives TIO access to RNS stories and photos, enriching the scope of what TIO is able to offer readers.


March 2013

TIO “Special Editions” Start this Month

TIO’s Webmaster, Anna Arphin (l.), meets with Ruthie Howard, new editor of TIO Southern Nevada.Starting this month, “Special Editions” of TIO are being created for the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and Religions for Peace USA. Their respective readers will get the same March Observer you’re reading now. But on the Southern Nevada postpage (table of contents), Southern Nevada religious news, opinion, and events are supplementing this month’s TIO articles. And RFPUSA readers will find their organization’s news and opinion supplementing this month’s issue. Local news. Global news. Eleven times a year.

Aaron Stauffer, new editor of TIO RFPUSAIn both cases, TIO’s new sponsors are fundraising to upgrade their communications to the tune of $10 per special edition subscription, which they will split with TIO, fifty-fifty. This approach represents a major step towards TIO’s sustainability. And yes, we are in conversation with other groups interested in providing their constituencies with local/global interfaith news 11 times a year.

By the way, this month’s Southern Nevada and Religions for Peace special editions will double TIO’s circulation to more than 4,300 readers.


Kudos to Guest Editor Jonathan Oskins

Jonathan OskinsThere’s another ‘first’ to be celebrated. This month’s TIO, focused on young people and interfaith community, is guest edited by Jonathan Oskins, a graduate student in interfaith studies at Claremont Lincoln University. Jonathan is active in Southern California interfaith programming, has been an intern for the North American Interfaith Network, and helps boost TIO’s Facebook presence in all sorts of creative ways. 

Jonathan, in the midst of a rigorous academic schedule you’ve made a terrific contribution bringing together the wonderful articles you’ve gathered. Thank you!


February 2013

Choosing TIO’s monthly themes might be described as an alchemical process. The aim is to cover the major issues and news of the day related to interfaith culture, not in terms of the media’s weekly news-cycle but by discerning major trends and issues that call for attention. Pursuing those themes is where we find the ‘gold.’

As themes congeal and take on an identity of their own, they grow and develop. January’s focus on community, for instance, morphed into three issues, and we’ll be continuing the subject in April. Right now we have a tentative schedule for the rest of TIO’s second year of publication. This might change in a world where so much is changing so quickly! But the following themes seem to be lining up:

April – Atheism and the Interfaith Community

May – Science, Spirituality, and Religion

June – Interfaith’s Response to Climate Change

July – Sexuality and Interfaith Culture

August – TIO takes a rest

September – TIO begins its third year

If you have story ideas relating to these themes, feel welcome to send them to info@theinterfaithobserver.org or put them in the comment box below. Thanks!


January 2013

Everything changes! Jonathan Oskins will be TIO’s guest editor for March, not February. His work in March caps off three issues focused on interfaith community. This month the theme is Seeds of Community. Next month the focus will be on New Models of Community. The March issue concludes the series with Young Adults Recreating Community.

A TIO Development Group has been formed which is studying how to ensure the long-term sustainability of this publication. Details to follow.