Who We Are

Photographs of TIO contributors below are followed by an alphabetical list of their names. Click on either a photo or name to go to that person’s profile.

Two hundred contributors and counting have provided content for The Interfaith Observer (TIO) during its first two years of publishing. TIO does not represent a particular interfaith arena or organization, though it affiliates where it can and has done so with the Interfaith Peace Project, United Religions Initiative (URI) Multi-Region, URI North America, North American Interfaith Network, and Religion News Service. Valuing the whole movement, we hope to grow ‘connective tissue’ between and among all who share this quest. 

Anyone interested in contributing an article or report to TIO should send a note to info@theinterfaithobserver.org. Summarize your interfaith background, interests, and how you would like to contribute. Monetary contributions to sustain TIO are welcomed as well!