The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is a free monthly electronic journal created to explore interreligious relations and the interfaith movement as a whole. It provides historical perspectives, surveys current interfaith news, profiles major stakeholders, and otherwise provides maps and sign-posts for the different sectors of an emerging interfaith culture. [Read more ...]


More than 200 interfaith activists, young and old, have provided advice and written articles for TIO. Read their bios and see their photos here.

This digital archive includes all of TIO’s articles from September 2011 to September 2013. They are organized by subject. The title of each article in this digital index is a link to that article. 

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In a world beleaguered with poverty and violence, a vibrant, global interfaith movement offers opportunities to safely become friends with ‘the other,’ a first step in peacemaking. The whole human family is showing up in neighborhoods in countries everywhere, thanks to airlines, the internet, videocams, and so much more. This new diversity can terrify or delight us but will not go away. The strategic question – whether to choose ‘fight or flight,’ or, as those in the interfaith movement would suggest, to reach out to each other. 

In spite of the daily news, the great good news is that people everywhere, in fact, are reaching out. Ten thousand interreligious, interspiritual flowers and more are blooming across the globe. No one organized, planned or even predicted this surging proliferation of activity. It seems to be a natural human response when the races, religions, and cultures of the world interact freely with one another, face-to-face, on a daily basis.

Getting Connected – the Missing Link
The very spontaneity of this development in world religion means most of us involved don’t know the bigger picture, haven’t yet connected with brothers and sisters working on the same issues elsewhere, near and far. Amazing stories wait to be told, and multiplying resources deserve promotion. TIO works to connect the dots.

On September 15, 2011, a group of seasoned interfaith activists and young adult leaders who care about these matters launched The Interfaith Observer, casually known as TIO. It is a monthly e-journal telling new stories, exploring new issues, identifying exemplary resources, and connecting us to each other. One of a kind, TIO is preoccupied with all things interfaith, in particular the shift from a global interfaith movement to a global interfaith culture.

If interfaith dialogue and relationships matter to you, please subscribe to TIO. It is free, written and edited by 200 interfaith activists with decades of hands-on experience in this new arena. It aims to be a provocative, useful source of hope. If you like what we do, please click the donation icon below – it will help TIO become sustainable in the long term. Thanks for passing this invitation on to anyone else you know who cares.

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