October 2012 - Communication & Media

October 15, 2012




Still shot from 'A Holy Month in Maine', a video about Ramadhan in a small American town. Read the story.




How the Digital Revolution is Changing Who We Are

Interfaith News
National Council of Elders Challenges People of Faith & Practice – President Obama Addresses Free Speech and Religion – Millennium Development Goals Renewal Sought – U.S. Tribal Leaders Raise Concerns with Feds – Religious Freedoms Increasingly Threatened – Mormons Sponsor Women’s Interfaith Gathering – European Circumcision Debate Signals Growing Religious-Secular Divide – Jewish-Muslim Solidarity in Opposing Religious Prejudice – Benedict XVI Calls for Pluralistic Society – Interfaith Dialogue Comes to Myanmar – African Religious Leaders and Conservationists Collaborating – Vedanta Society Sponsors New Interfaith Song-Cycle – Amazing Parable for Understanding ‘the Other’

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Canadian News & Resources
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Reports from Bangkok and Nairobi
South Asian Peace Networks with African Religion & Conservation

Report from Jerusalem, Oxford, and Chenai, India
The Light of Hope Renewed by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrook

Communication & Media

A Short History of Digital Tools

Interfaith in Cyberspace by D. Andrew Kille

Countering a Contagious Disease
Interfaith Misunderstanding in America by Brian McLaren

When Religion Becomes Abusive
Jihad on the D Train by William Bole

KidSpirit Online Comes of Age
The Internet – A Spiritual Haven for Youth? by Elizabeth Dabney Hochman

New Tools, New Dialogue
Seminarians Go Online to “Make Interfaith” by Joshua M. Z. Stanton

Blogging a Deeper Dialogue
“She Answers Abraham” Celebrates First Anniversary by Pamela Jay Gottfried

When the Camera Lets You Live in Another’s Skin
Religion, Politics, Freedom, Faith & Making Movies in America by Calvin Skaggs

Using YouTube as an Interfaith Resource
A Holy Month in Maine by Paul Chaffee

Films to Heal the World
Creating 20,000 Interfaith Dialogues by Daniel Tutt

Media Resources
Interfaith Radio Takes Advantage of the Web

Practicing What We Preach
Mobilizing TIO – The Next Generation Takes on Outreach & Social Networking by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith Resources to End Bullying by Sana Saeed
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